This cafe in Tanza, Cavite offers a glimpse of your future lifestyle

January 8, 2024

Changing and improving the landscape on this side of Tanza, Cavite, Arden Botanical Estate is exploring new grounds with its latest expansion: The Arden Cafe.

With clean interiors and pristine floor-to-ceiling glass windows, The Arden Cafe grants you a slice of #TheArdenLifestyle with a serving of specialty coffee, thoughtfully-selected pastries, and unmatched view of its lush estate namesake.

Arden Cafe Facade

A unique property viewing experience

Surrounded by rolling fields of marigold, celosia, sunflowers, and more, The Arden Cafe’s advantageous vantage point gives unobstructed panoramic views of the Arden Botanical Estate, which one can take a glimpse of from the cafe’s wooden alfresco deck.

With the cafe facing east, visitors are rewarded with an ethereal view of the morning sun — and the late sun facing west — as they get to enjoy each sip of their special Arden Cafe blend in hand, while soaking in the scenery of their future Arden Botanical Estate community .

By making property viewing more cozy, immersive, and enjoyable, clients are able to clearly visualize and imagine their potential future in the township by allowing themselves to be in the moment, which goes back to the Arden cafe’s promise of giving its clients the ‘Fika experience’.


Matching the inspiring views of the landscape is the harmonious selection of high-quality Arabica coffee, artisan teas, and a wide variety of delectable pastries inside the cafe.

To serve as an homage to Arden Botanical Estate properties, coffee drinks inside Arden Cafe are thoughtfully named after the house models in The Lindgren village: Astrid Blend, Brenna Blend, Colby Latte, and Dahlia Mocha.

Discerning coffee drinkers can rest easy knowing that the coffee beans used are ethically-sourced, 100% specialty Arabica. Visitors have been raving about the full-bodied, round and earthy showcase of the Brenna Blend, which can be enjoyed via espresso or americano finish. If you want something mild, you can dial down on the caffeine with a simple Colby Latte or a flavorful Dahlia Mocha. 

For coffee alternatives, tea concoctions are also available for your choosing, with each one offering specific health benefits. Rosy Dream Tea is a unique must-try in the menu, a light milky blend with a delicate floral flavor that helps boost collagen production and relieves sore throats. 

But if you want something scaled-back and simple, nothing beats the unique Lindgren Signature Tea—a floral infusion sprinkled with hints of basil straight from the fields of Arden Botanical Estate. One sip transports you to the tranquil gardens of The Lindgren village.

Pastry selections are sourced from some of the best bakers in the country and serve as delectable little extras for Arden Botanical Estate patrons to munch on while they enjoy the immersive views of the landscape. Some of the best ones on the house: the classic french croissant, three-cheese pie, oatmeal berry cookie, and airy, flaky sourdough breads. There are also seasonal offerings to watch out for like the Chandon strawberry cake (fun fact: its icing is made from real strawberries!). The menu varies from time to time depending on the season, so there’s always a pleasant surprise to Arden Cafe visitors.

Behind the cafe concept

Setting up a cafe-and-showroom in one at one of the most prestigious communities in Cavite was a deliberate decision. After all, the coffee culture and the Arden Botanical Estate township concept are bound by a singular philosophy: balanced living. 

From industrial mass-consumed beverage to way of life, coffee has come a long way since its early years. As the second most consumed drink worldwide, it’s become a social affair mainstay—a staple for slowing down and taking a break. In Scandinavian countries, they call this practice Fika.

“Since its launch a few years back, Arden Botanical Estate is fast taking shape as a one-of-a-kind township development that allows everyone—whether they are residents, workers, or simply visitors of the township—to live and enjoy a beautiful and purposeful life within an enviable address. We are bringing them a peek at this distinct lifestyle as we welcome them here at the Arden Café,” says Rowena Espiritu, head of Sales and Marketing, Global Estate Resorts Inc.

Arden Café is exclusive to guests and clients on an appointment-only basis and are looking into opportunities to be part of Arden Botanical Estate. The concept behind the space takes inspiration from the Scandinavian practice of Fika, which means “to have coffee” in English.

“In a deeper sense, Fika is a state of mind where you take a moment to enjoy your life, appreciate your surroundings, and simply become one with the present. Here at Arden Café, our clients can enjoy signature premium coffee, tea, and pastries, all while relaxing and visualizing their future in this rising sustainable township. This is only the start of the many developments that are rising within Arden Botanical Estate,” adds Espiritu.

With a promise of lush views of flora and fauna everyday leisure, Arden Botanical Estate sets the new bar for nature-inspired communities through the Arden Cafe. 

Living in nature

Arden Cafe rests inside Arden Botanical Estate, a 251-hectare tourism lifestyle destination located within Tanza and Trece Martires borders of Cavite. It is the first ever joint-development between property giant Megaworld Corporation and its tourism-estate subsidiary, Global-Estate Resorts, Inc (GERI), and stands as one of GERI’s largest developments in the country.

Design meets purpose here at Arden Botanical Estate. One of its most distinct features, The Breathing Chapel, is fully adorned with crawling leaves and flowers, and offers refuge to future residents and tourists looking for a calming space.

Next to it is the Lombard Walk, a connected series of zigzag pathways lined with vibrant shrubs and flora. Here, one can uplift their mood and improve their wellbeing with a simple yet invigorating stroll along the scenic pathway leading up to the serene Breathing Chapel. 

For adrenaline seekers, there is also a 40-hectare sports hub dedicated to bike trails of different difficulty levels, a skate park, a glamping site, a buggy track, and a motocross station, among others. 

With integrated communities and mixed-use developments popping up left and right, Arden Botanical Estate stands out as an exclusive wellness haven you and your family can feel secure in. Here, nature isn’t an afterthought, it is the main attraction everywhere you go. 

Spaces that suit your lifestyle

There are four (4) property offerings currently being developed at Arden Botanical Estate. Its pioneer residential lot-only community, Arden Botanical Village, is a tranquil, 18-hectare neighborhood with a stunning waterway centerpiece that flows from end to end of the village border. Inside it are curated components such as a yoga and tai chi deck, and carved swimming pools that mimic the natural shape of lakes.

Another lot-only offering, the Arden Westpark Village, spans 15-hectares with over 40% of the neighborhood allotted for open spaces. It features active parks such as circuit stations, an aerobic & dance station, a trampoline park, glow swings, and two (2) tennis courts. 

Both lot-only projects will be exclusively developed by Megaworld Corporation. 

The Lindgren village, a 17-hectare Scandinavian-inspired neighborhood, is the latest residential development inside the Arden Botanical Estate township. Future residents looking for a hassle-free lifestyle upgrade can choose among 11 timeless, gorgeous house designs complete with a roof deck and at least 2 carports, with lot sizes ranging from 200sqm to -375sqm. Dotted around the exclusive village are curated pocket gardens such as a fruit orchard, herb garden, and an edible garden. 

The Lindgren’s pre-designed  House and Lot offerings makes it easy for anyone who wants to acquire a stunning home in a beautiful neighborhood without the hassles of monitoring construction requirements. Plus, rising in a township address gives its future homeowners astounding appreciation in land values, making it a perfect property investment for generations.

The latest property offering is the Arden Shophouse & Commercial District, an innovative, contemporary-motif retail landscape featuring mixed-use commercial and residential lots placed along the main road of the township.

What sets this commercial strip apart from your usual plazas is the potential for a community-driven culture. Investors have the liberty of putting up bookstores, fashion houses, museums, antique stores, third-wave coffee shops, local designer boutiques, spa houses — all at the comfort of their own home above their shops.

The cherry on top? Arden Shophouse & Commercial District is strategically located at the heart of the development near where high-end villages rest, and is directly connected to Governor’s Drive — one of Cavite’s established main arteries — priming the township as Cavite’s next tourist destination. and giving more exposure for business owners who have invested in Arden Shophouses.

Arden Botanical Estate is accessible via Skyway or Antero Soriano Highway, going to Governor’s Drive. To schedule a property viewing at Arden Cafe, book your appointment at, message us on our Facebook page at or text us at 0917 172 8840 with your name, contact information, and inquiry.

Visits to the Arden Cafe are strictly RSVP. Book an appointment to secure your preferred schedule today!