“A Morning Walk with the Head of Sales and Marketing of Arden Botanical Estate-GERI”

January 27, 2021

It’s not every day you get to walk with a Business Head on the way to the office. In most cases, high-ranking executives usually come to work by car, and other employees can hardly see them in person. But at Arden Botanical Estate (ABE), it’s different. The working culture sets it apart from other business groups.

ABE is a joint project by two of the most trusted developers in the country, Global-Estate Resorts, Inc and Megaworld. The group recently published a video on its Youtube account featuring the Head of Sales and Marketing, Ms. Rowena “Rowie” Espiritu. The video, entitled “A Morning Walk with the VP of Arden Botanical Estate-GERI,” will let you enjoy a conversation with the top executive as she walks on the way to work.

Sharing Our Story

The 9-minute video reveals some personal matters, especially about her career journey. Unveiled throughout the interview was her warm and cheerful personality. The talk also uncovered questions about the hows and whys of the entire ABE project.

Facing this year’s challenge of adapting to the new normal, Ms. Rowie shares the effect on the business. She gives more details about how the group achieved to sell out Phase 1 of The Lindgren and disclosed some tips on how they managed to run despite the COVID-19 pandemic. As she drops by the showroom, she announces The Lindgren Phase 2 is coming out the soonest. She teases that the next phase is something property seekers should look forward to.

You can directly watch the video by clicking on this link, http://bit.ly/AMorningWalkABE-GERI. For questions and inquiries, contact us at 0927 391 3553 or visit our office at G/F Greenbelt Hamilton, Legazpi St., Legazpi Village, Makati City. For more updates, visit our website, www.ardenbotanicalestate.com or like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our Youtube channel.