4 Reasons Why Physical Retail Stores Are Still Relevant

October 27, 2022

Many consumers turned to e-commerce platforms during the pandemic. While online shopping is expected to flourish further, retail industry experts believe that investing in physical stores still has its own unique edge and rewards, and here’s why:

Shoppers want to experience a product before buying

Many consumers still prefer to shop in physical stores because they get to see, feel, and test the products before buying. Experiencing a product or brand firsthand eases doubts and helps close a sale.

Human interaction fosters sales

Filipinos value human interaction when it comes to shopping. Effective in-store sales representatives have the potential to build stronger customer relations, and generate more sales.

Instant gratification

After checking out a product, consumers get the items they bought immediately! No need to book or wait for a delivery rider.

In-store brand experiences can turn customers into loyal fans

Having a physical retail store empowers brands to create special and unique moments with consumers. By curating experiences that balance safety, convenience, and excitement, retailers can make loyal fans out of consumers.

Invest in sustainable commercial spaces

When investing in a retail space, make sure it’s in a prime, vibrant location with an innovative retail design concept, just like the Arden Shophouse commercial district.

Boasting of contemporary, avant-garde, and sustainable architecture in the heart of the nature-inspired Arden Botanical Estate, the Shophouse is set to become Cavite’s next premier and lifestyle destination. Its modern take on retail empowers entrepreneurs to set up unique concept stores that offer customers personalized and immersive experiences. With Arden, the opportunities for business growth and reinvention are limitless.

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